Institute of Physics
"Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas"

Admission process - PhD in Physics / Materials Science


  • Starting dates: January and August.
  • Symbolic fee: 100 mexican pesos per semester.
  • All the admitted students (Mexicans and foreigners) will have a CONACyT scholarship for covering living expenses.


  • Master's degree in physics, materials science or related areas.
  • A minimum note for the master's studies of 8/10 (2.7 european).
  • Approve an admission test (formal request to the coordinator of the program).
  • Documentation required by the general regulation of the University.
  • English level of at least B2.

Document reception

  • Applications have to be sent at least three months in advance to the starting date (January and August).
  • Documents can be sent electronically or by post.
  • Contact:

    Dr. Lilia Meza Montes
    Coordinator of graduate studies (Materials Science).

    Dr. Roberto Cartas Fuentevilla
    Coordinator of graduate studies (Physics).

    Institute of Physics, BUAP
    Av. San Claudio y Blvd. 18 Sur, Col. San Manuel
    Edificios 1IF1, Ciudad Universitaria,
    C.P. 72570, Puebla, Pue.

Additional information for foreign students:
In case of being accepted, the Institute of Physics will send the applicant an acceptance letter to be presented at the Mexican embassy to transact a visa.
All the documents have to be translated into Spanish or English by a certified translator and require an apostille.

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