Institute of Physics
"Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas"

Admission process - MSc in Physics / Materials Science

Information on the Process of Admission to the Masters of the Institute of Physics "Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas"


  • Starting dates: August.
  • Symbolic fee: 100 mexican pesos per semester.
  • All the admitted students (Mexicans and foreigners) will have a CONACyT scholarship for covering living expenses.


  • To have a bachelor degree in physics, material sciences or related areas.
  • A minimum note for the bachelor studies of 8/10 (2.7 european).
  • To course and pass a propaedeutic course with minimum note of 8/10 (Fill registration format). Alternatively, one should pass an admission test. The validity of the results is 1 year.
  • To present a series of documents, needed according to the general regulation of the University.
  • To have a technical english level (to be able to at least read and comprehend a scientific paper).

Document reception

  • Applications are received the whole year, but they have to be sent at least with three months in advance to the start of the courses (January and August).
  • The documents can be sent electronically or physically.
  • Contact: Institute for Physics, BUAP
    Av. San Claudio y 18 sur, Edificio 110 A, Ciudad Universitaria, Puebla, Pue.
    Phone: +52 (222) 229 56 10, Fax: +52 (222) 229 56 11
    Mrs. Dra. Lilia Meza Montes, Coordinator of graduate studies (Materials Science).

    Mrs. Dr. Antonio Flores Riveros, Coordinator of graduate studies (Physics).

Additional information for foreign students:
In case of being accepted in one of our graduate programs, the Institute for Physics will send the applicant an acceptance letter, to be presented at the embassy to transact the visa. Once the student is at the Institute, the University will help him/her with any proceedings at the Mexican Embassy for the stay in Mexico.
All the documents have to be translated into Spanish or English by a judge, and have to have apostille.

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