Institute of Physics
"Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas"

Electronics Workshop

In the electronic Workshop of IFUAP, qualified personal can help in the design, adaptation, and reparation of electric and electronic systems, as well as in providing general support to IFUAP community.

The specific needs of the Labs, the computational center, and the researcher's offices can be solved as part of the electronic and electric circuits' designs. In order to take advantage of the old equipment, it can be reused. Moreover, maintenance of optical microscopes, ph-meters, ultrasound cubes, projectors, and coolers is performed.


Additionally, the electronic workshop provides general services to IFUAP such as installation of air conditioned tubes, air extractors, blackboards installation, installation and maintenance of lights, check-up and installation of plugs, periodic check-up of machine-room, as well as looking for the price and acquisition of electric material (national and international).

Mechanical Workshop

In the mechanical workshop of IFUAP, qualified personal can help in the machining of metals, designing of structures, checking the price of the materials to be used, as well as in their buying. In this way, the experimental part of the academic research is well developed. This workshop counts with heavy machines such as milling machines, lathe, cutter for thin layers, drills, saws, as well as micron meters. The mechanical workshop provides a general preventive and/or corrective maintenance to the institute and gives support to the general community of IFUAP.


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