QuEBS: Quantum Effects in Biological Systems

27 to 31 October 2019

After meetings in Lisbon (2009), Harvard (2010), Ulm (2011), Berkeley (2012), Vienna (2013), Singapore (2014), Florence (2015), Durban (2016), Jerusalem (2017) and Vilnius (2017), the 11th edition of QuEBS will take place for the first time in Latin America in October 2019 in Puebla, Mexico.

Scientific Scope

Quantum Biology is an interdisciplinary field which analyzes the role of quantum mechanics in biological systems. The scientific problems connected with this line of investigations have a great impact in several other areas such as Quantum Information, Quantum Sensing, Light-Harvesting devises. One of the main issue in Quantum Biology is to understand how to preserve quantum mechanical effects in large system at room temperature. This is a fundamental question to be answered to drive the next technological quantum revolution.

Specifically building quantum devices for light-harvesting could allow to use sun-light as a source of renewable energy, which could help to solve the energy problem, which is one of the great challenge which Humanity is facing. The Scope of this Workshop is to promote the filed of Quantum Biology in Latin America bringing together scientists from all over the world. Specific focus will be given to the impact of quantum biology in renewable energy souses: light-harvesting devices, efficient storage and energy transport. Attracting students and young researchers is of great importance and for this reasons we will try to dedicate specific fundings for this. Also Senior scientist will be encouraged to give introductory lectures on their research filelds.