Dra. Mou Pal, Institute of Physics (IFUAP) BUAP


Research interest:

·         Development of functional materials for applications in thin film photovoltaics (TFPV) and advanced catalysis.

·         Lead-free perovskite solar cells.

·         Design and fabrication of nanocomposite materials such as metal oxide/metal sulfide and noble metal/metal oxide catalysts for their application in residual water treatment.

·         Rare-earth doped metal oxide nanostructures for optoelectronic applications.

·         Numerical simulation of solar cells using SCAPS 1D.


Our research group believes in the synthesis of functional materials at low cost opting for green synthesis chemical route. We follow vacuum-free industrially viable solution-based approach using either molecular ink or prefabricated nanoparticle ink to prepare high quality metal sulfide layers for thin film photovoltaics.  We employ sol-gel, solvothermal, chemical precipitation and hot-injection methods to prepare metal sulfide, metal oxide and composite nanoparticles with a precise control over crystalline phase, nanoparticle size and morphology of the resulting products. Advanced material characterizations techniques are explored to evaluate their structural, optical, morphological and electrical properties prior to their application in specific areas.


Current available research topic for M. Sc. and Ph.D. students:

·         Development of lead-free perovskite solar cells with improved stability.

·         Thin film solar cells based on emerging earth abundant materials.

·         Metal sulfide/metal oxide nanocomposites for advanced catalysis and photocatalysis.

·         Rare earth doped metal oxides for application in optoelectronics.


Postdoctoral researcher

1.      Dr. Jesús Capistrán Martínez (Ph.D. in Energy Engineering-UNAM)

Starting date: November 2019.

Research topic: Development of metal chalcogenide thin films and heterojunction study using SCAPS-1D for development of optoelectronic devices. More info: LinkedIn or www.jesuscapistran.com.




On-going students:

1.      David Mora Herrera

PhD. Student (Materials Science), Institute of Physics (IFUAP) BUAP.

Starting date: February, 2019. Thesis topic: Experimental and theoretical approaches for the improvement of kesterite (Cu2ZnSnS4) solar cell efficiency by germanium alloying.


2.      Andrés Guzmán Cruz

DSC_0008PhD. Student (Materials Science), Institute of Physics (IFUAP) BUAP.

Starting date: February, 2019.

Research topic: Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/Au and SiO2/Au nanocomposites using deep eutectic solvent and their application in catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol.


3.      Cuauhtémoc Gerreo Leon

M.Sc. student, Faculty of Chemistry, Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico.

Starting date: June, 2019

Research Topic: Estudio y obtención de películas delgadas de GeS por PVD para aplicaciones fotovoltaicas.


4.      DSC_0006Denisse Loeza Díaz

M. Sc. Student (Materials Science). Institute of Physics, BUAP.

October 2019 (recently graduated).

Research topic: Synthesis of Bi2S3 films by chemical bath and their characterization with the perspective of incorporating it into ternary Cu3BiS3 sulfide for photovoltaic applications.


5.      María Fernanda Cabrera Márquez

Bachelor in Electronics (B.E.); Renewable Energy Engineering, Faculty of Electronics, BUAP. Starting date: April 2019.

Research topic: Synthesis of Ag3SbS3 nanoparticles and a detailed study on structural, optical and electrical properties.


6.      Joel de la Luz Sanchez

Bachelor in Electronics (B.E.); Faculty of Electronics, BUAP

Starting date: March 2019.

Research topic: Fabrication of AgSbS2 thin films by thermal diffusion of Sb2S3/Ag stack and their characterization.




National collaboration:


·         Dr. José Santos Cruz (Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro)

·         Dr. Nini Rose Mathews (Instituto de Energias Renovables, UNAM)

·         Dr. Xavier Mathew (Instituto de Energias Renovables, UNAM)

·         Dr. Francisco Paraguay Delgado (Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados Chihuahua)


International collaboration:

·         Dr. Won Seok Seo (Sogang University, Seoul South Korea)

·         Dr. Edgardo Saucedo (Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain) More Info.