Institute of Physics
"Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas"

Computer Center "Dr. Antonio Pérez"

The IFUAP has a communications network capable of transmitting voice and data signals, allowing the optimal use of bandwidth, which complies with the standards and protocols of the area. The network consists of fiber optic cable, multipar wire of horizontal wiring for 427 outputs, that are integrated to the backbone of the network of the BUAP. The IFUAP computer equipment includes a number of in-service computing (WS) workstations (PCs) in sufficient numbers for all researchers and students; Accessories such as printers, plotters and scanners. There is also a Cluster (16 Intel Xeon E5645 processors with 320 GB in Ram, 500 GB hard drives), a WS type SMP with AMD Opteron 8216 processors with 32 GB of RAM.


There is a sufficient number of personal computers between PCs, laptops and terminals that ensure access to students, researchers and administrative staff. The list of software that counts, from general programs of work like editors, graphers, etc., to specialized codes of calculation of physical properties, like GAUSSIAN, WIEN2k, COMSOL, etc., passing through educational codes like the CARINE For crystallography; In addition to the traditional compilers C and FORTRAN along with the IMSL and NAG libraries; As well as symbolic programs such as MATHEMATICA, MATLAB and MAPLE. Each year a set of resources granted by PROFOCIE is dedicated to renewing the necessary software licenses.

IFUAP has the necessary software to carry out the tasks required by the postgraduate program. With the hardware available at the Institute it is possible to develop most of the calculations and data processing that the postgraduate requires. Since 2015 BUAP has the National Laboratory of Supercómputo del Sureste; With the support of CONACYT, BUAP achieved the acquisition of an Intel Xeon Cluster with 228 calculation nodes (5472 total cores) for parallel processing. The Institute's community has access to this computing capacity so that it can carry out larger calculations in its projects.

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