"Energy storage discussions" is intended to be a bi-annual forum of analysis of different aspects of energy storage. In the era of renewable energies and mobile electronics, the need of better energy storage devices is every time more evident. The areas of materials science, electrochemistry, power electronics and control systems, and combined areas like nanotechnology are all merged when discussing about energy storage. Specialists of the different areas are invited to submit abstracts.

The main topics to be discussed at the conference are the following:

  1. - Battery materials and characterization.
         » Li-ion, Li-air, Li-sulfur, Ni-Cd, Lead-acid, Zn-air, alkaline, and other emerging technologies.
  2. - Capacitor materials and characterization.
  3. - Other energy storage concepts (thermal, gas, etc.).
  4. - Energy storage systems for automotive, mobile and stationary applications.
         » Control system, cooling system, mechanical system, lifetime and security tests, and mass production.
  5. - Recycling.

The conference language is English.

Scientific and industrial guests from around the world will be giving invited talks.

One of the main objectives of this first edition of the conference is to join the different activities performed in Mexico in the area of energy storage, and to promote networking with international research groups.

Important dates:

  • * Abstract submission deadline: 13 October 2014 / extended abstract submission deadline: 27 October 2014
  • * Acceptance confirmation: 31 October 2014
  • * Early registration deadline: 5 November 2014