The conference will take place at the Carolino Building, which is located in the center of Puebla, Mexico. Address: 4 Sur, No. 104. The building is the main house of the University of Puebla, outside the main campus.

Carolino Building is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the city. It was the seat of the Royal Caroline College of the Holy Spirit, which was founded by Melchor de Covarrubias in 1578, leaving its administration in charge of Jesuits. Its aesthetic quality is manifested in its pillars, arches, cornices, window framing, the rails and finials. Its main rooms are the Baroque Hall Auditorium and the Paranymph, which are of exceptional beauty, and the Lafragua library, where important ancient books of great documentary value are saved. The main staircase is large and is decorated with a series of paintings that recall the patronage of King Charles III.

The talks of the conference will be hosted by the Paranymph Hall (Photo below).

How to arrive
Puebla is located at 129 km from Mexico City. If one arrives to the airport of Mexico City (Benito Juárez international airport) one can take there buses to Puebla. There are buses leaving every hour. Additionally, buses can also be taken at "central del norte" (north terminal) or at "TAPO" terminal. The transfer Mexico-Puebla takes in average 2 h.

If one flies directly to the airport of Puebla (Hermanos Serdán airport), also from there it is possible to take buses parting to Puebla central station (CAPU) every few minutes. The transfer takes about 45 min.

From CAPU one can reach the Carolino building by taxi. It may take 20 min, and it costs around 80 pesos. For security, you should buy the taxi ticket inside CAPU.

There are plenty of hotels close to the conference, in down town.